Prop Art was founded by Mary Burzynski and Brian McMahon in 1985 to provide specialty dimensional art service to the advertising community. Almost from the start we had clients calling with great ideas about how to use our work in the areas of merchandising, exhibition and film too.

While our vision has broadened our focus remains on projects which need artistic interpretation and or innovative problem solving.

What distinguishes Prop Art from most model shops is Mary Burzynski. Specifically her award-winning design services and extensive on-set art direction and styling of Prop Art props. Her career-long intensive interaction with clients, creatives, photographers, producers and directors has informed her understanding of what you the client needs beyond what years spent tinkering in the shop guarantees.

Whether we are working from blueprints and/or client generated renderings, or from verbal description alone, Prop Art is experienced at identifying and meeting our clients' expectations, on time and within budget.

We hope you've liked what you've seen and will consider giving Prop Art a call. Just ask for Brian or Mary.


1535 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622